Timothy Snow
2 min readFeb 12, 2024



Imagine uncovering a disturbing truth: that your government, funded by taxpayer dollars, is orchestrating your agonizing demise through the actions of your fellow citizens. The revelation shatters all sense of trust and security, which leads to a gripping battle of betrayal and daily survival.

  • After having endured, to this point, the injustices of being illegally placed on our government’s domestic terrorist ’watchlist' I am in full realization that I have a moral obligation to civilly defend my Constitutional Rights, and those of other Targeted Individuals like myself.
  • Inspired by the courage, tenacity, and moral fortitude of my greatest heroes, I recognize that personal risks are an obligation in the business of seeking Justice.
  • The forces that work to protect an unfair status quo and suppress dissent are powerful and many, while those willing to accept the challenge, discomfort and stigma of civil disobedience are few. But without their hard work and personal sacrifice, we would not enjoy the civil liberties we take for granted today.
  • These rights, including Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, are the exact rights being systematically stolen from innocent American Targets like me.
  • Stalking, hacking, bullying, harassment, intimidation, entrapment, neglect, and denial-of-service are just a few of the methods of this illegal and unconstitutional crime.
  • I have the foresight to see, as my heroes did before me, that if I remain complacent in my discomforts today, that they will only expand to threaten others tomorrow.
  • If I remain tolerant, submissive, and accepting of these injustices; if I stand down while being mistreated, this moral plague will only continue to invade civil society and innocent lives.
  • I have matured enough in my Love of God, Country, and Constitution, to be willing to put my entire Life on the line to fight for what's right.
  • I would rather be Martyred for bringing awareness to this 21st century hate crime, than be imprisoned in a Country that remains tolerant, and allows it the grow.

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