How To Go From Above-average To Extraordinary On Social Media

Timothy Snow
3 min readMar 17, 2024

Introductory Summarization

Agencies need to deliver killer social campaigns for their clients, which means staying on top of the latest and greatest in social media. You need to provide unique insights to your clients, and figure out how you can stand out in a crowded marketing landscape where everyone thinks they’re a social media guru.

How can you bring something different to your clients? Clients have diverse needs, and they’re often changing.

How can you stay flexible and responsive to a multitude of client needs across social media? You have to continue to win new business. You need research and data to create an impressive pitch that will keep new clients coming in your door.

This guide will discuss how you can use social media analytics to stay on top of social trends, plan and execute powerful campaigns, even craft a better pitch to win that new client. It provides information for agencies of all sizes (and budgets) who work with clients to develop and execute social strategy.

To compete in today’s social media environment, agencies need to deliver killer social campaigns for their clients, be up-to-date on the latest trends in social media, and figure out how you can stand out in an increasingly crowded marketing landscape.

So, how can you bring something different to your clients? How can you adapt to constantly changing social media platforms? How can you stay responsive to your clients' diverse needs? How can you win new business? Let’s dive in.

Social Media Moves Quickly

Social media changes quickly - platforms add new features, new platforms spring up and old ones die out, something that was cool last year suddenly isn’t any more. A tactic that used to work great now just doesn’t. Staying abreast of the latest trends in social media is a full-time job (probably your job if you’re reading this).

You have to be constantly working to stay current on the latest changes and trends. That means reading everything you can, as well as using social media to be sure you’re in the know. Because if you don’t keep up with these changes, it becomes harder to retain your current clients and compete for new business. You need to be able to stay ahead of trends to incorporate them into content strategies for your clients, plan future campaigns, and be the social media expert your clients expect.

You’ve Got To Stay 'On Top' Of Trends

In addition to reading and using social media to stay up-to-date, make sure you have access to comprehensive, ongoing social media measurement. You can use a measurement tool to provide regular reports for your clients, but you can also use it to stay on top of trends.

What’s working, what’s not working? What caused an abnormal spike or decline in a KPI? How can you tweak current campaigns to increase engagement? If you can demonstrate this kind of expertise, it will help build the kind of trust you need to pitch more creative ideas for your clients in the future.

Checking in on your clients' metrics regularly also allows you to see areas you can improve and address it with your client immediately, rather than finding out only at the end why something didn’t perform as you hoped it would.

It’s incredibly important to identify issues early. Aside from avoiding minor setbacks that end in disappointing results, you can also avoid a full-scale disaster. We’ve all seen how small things can quickly spiral out of control on social media, so a team that’s actively monitoring these things can head off disaster by dealing with it quickly and using data to inform your decisions.

Monitoring keywords and keeping up with your analytics will help you develop your expertise and ensure you never miss anything. Above all, you want to avoid ever having to tell a client "we’ve never heard of that" or "we didn’t see that coming" in a meeting.



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