10 Reasons Why You May NOT Be An Influencer

Timothy Snow
2 min readFeb 10, 2018


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Reason #1

You’ve got 70k followers (umm make that 117k now) on Instagram, but your last post only got 3 likes, one of which was by you.

On a scale of 1-100

And tweets on behalf of Huawei while representing during #HWMBBF a post that’s been ‘juiced to impress’ receiving 141 retweets that come from accounts with an average of 1 follower.

During #TwitterPurge Dez Blanchfield lost over 500,000 followers

Recognized as Global Influencer No. 9 in Big Data. Brand Ambassador / Huawei

Dez Blanchfield 🤡

Reason #2

You lose over 115k followers over the course of a week due to Twitter purging BOTS after NY Times published an expose in which the names of influencers were revealed.

Recognized as No. 13 Digital Marketing Influencer and Adobe Brand Ambassador.

I Favatas



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